Top International Business Etiquette Tips

Going global?

This infographic has the international business etiquette tips you need to know before doing business in some of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Thanks to advances in technology, conducting business on a global scale has become easier than ever. However, going into international business uninformed can cost you. You could not only lose your deal, but also unintentionally offend your counterparts.

While some business professionals abroad may be forgiving when it comes to Americans being aware of different cultural norms, you don’t want to look foolish. For example, imagine that you’ve been invited to a dinner at the home of your Chinese business partner. What are you going to wear? Denim? A suit? Surely you’re going to finish your entire meal as a sign of respect, right? You’d know the answer to these questions in an American context, but business customs vary across cultures. Being familiar with international business etiquette will help build a solid professional relationship with your counterparts around the world.

JPD Systems created this helpful infographic to give you a brief overview of conducting business in six different countries so you’ll be aware of cultural differences and avoid some potentially disastrous mistakes.