Education Book Series

Achieving Cross Consistency between 3 Target Languages and 5 Volumes

While translation agencies are able to translate high volumes in a shorter turnaround than individual translators, ensuring consistency is often a concern when multiple linguists are involved. When one of our major clients from an economic development institution asked us to translate a series of five books from English to French, Spanish and Portuguese within 3 months, we knew it would be a challenge to achieve consistency not only across all five volumes but also all languages.

The series of books was intended primarily for policy makers and decision makers in education and included large amounts of statistical data and analysis.

By assigning a team composed of translators with mathematical background and multilingual skills (fluency in French and Spanish or Spanish and Portuguese for example), translators and editors were able to cross-reference material in multiple translated versions instead of just referring to the English original.

Overall, our collaborative teamwork enabled us to deliver the translation into three languages of five books (300,000 words total) while achieving a high level of consistency across volumes and languages. Our client was happily surprised we were able to meet his extremely tight deadline for this “mega project.”