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Whether your organization is attending an international event or hosting one, knowledge of technical terms is critical to communicate your message. While glossaries such as the ones listed below can assist with producing communication material, our team of language professionals can ensure the accuracy and quality of your message with specialized translation and copy editing services by experts in your field.

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Check out these international events and learn more about related technical terms:

The Nuclear Security Summit in (Washington, DC, March 31–April 1) – glossary
IMF Spring Meetings 2016 (Washington, DC, April 12 – 17) glossary
Earth Day on the National Mall (Washington, DC, April 22, 2016) – glossary 
World Humanitarian Summit (Istanbul, May 23–24) – glossary
COP 22 November (Marrakech, Morocco) 7-18, 2016 – glossary
21st International AIDS Conference (Durban South Africa) glossary