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Visit with our Arabic team at Saint Joseph University

While on a personal visit to Lebanon, our Marketing Manager visited the School of Translators and Interpreters of Beirut (ETIB) at Saint Joseph University last month. In response to an increasing demand for English to Arabic translations over the last few years, our firm started a partnership in 2017 with this prestigious institution. This collaboration […]

Mitigating Translation Budgetary Constraints With Strategic Content Selection

While international development actors are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of multilingual communication, budgetary constraints often prevent them from making all the content they produce available multiple languages.  In addition, civil society organizations are playing a greater role in achieving Sustainable Development Goals, which is driving the demand for translation. In this context, a strategic […]

Linguistic Debate Brings Different Meaning to International Women’s Day in France

Celebrated every year on March 8, International Women’s Day commemorates the movement for women’s rights. While this day is observed in a great number of countries worldwide, its meaning has been subject to interpretation in France, where a linguistic debate over its official name has sparked controversy over the last few years. International Women’s Day […]

Jean-Paul Dailly on the Role of Language in Development

On May 11, 2017 JPDS’s Founder and Vice President Jean-Paul Dailly participated in the two-day symposium organized by the Study Group on Language and the United Nations. Speaking to an audience composed of scholars, UN staff, and development professionals, Mr. Dailly highlighted the role of language in fostering participation and governance with a focus on French-speaking Africa. “While a lot of progress has been made by international organizations to produce knowledge in languages other than English,  more is needed,” he declared in his introduction. Drawing from his experience as a former development practitioner and founder of a translation agency with 20 years of experience  in economic development, he illustrated the impact of translation in ensuring successful project implementation with real-life examples […]

The Symbols of Green in Different Cultures

Today is the day to pull all the green you own out of your wardrobe to show off your best St. Patrick’s Day spirit (or to avoid getting pinched). But, as linguists, we are always thinking about how aspects of culture are interpreted around the world. What effect does the color green have in other […]

Is it Time to Break Up with your Translation Provider?

It’s Valentine’s Day again . . . but before you get caught up in all the hearts and flowers, take a step back and think about what’s working (or not working) in your relationship with your translation provider. Just like any relationship, there are a few key factors to consider. If your provider is lacking […]

Connecting Worlds: The Importance of Translation in International Development

Little research has been conducted on the intersect between language and international development so far. However, given the fact that cultural understanding plays a crucial role in international development, such intersection is worth exploring. Faced with this phenomenon, here are three examples of the importance of translation in international development with a particular focus on […]