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Multilingual Content Can Help Non-Profits Build a Global Brand

The process of localization (adapting a product or content to a specific locale or market) has allowed companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon become the world’s biggest brands. However, this process requires a carefully planned marketing strategy involving a significant amount of research and resources. While an increasing number of non-profit organizations are integrating the […]

Top International Business Etiquette Tips

Going global? This infographic has the international business etiquette tips you need to know before doing business in some of the fastest growing economies in the world. Thanks to advances in technology, conducting business on a global scale has become easier than ever. However, going into international business uninformed can cost you. You could not […]

Overcoming the “Beltway Syndrome”: How Professional Translation Can Help Think Tanks Have a Global Impact

The notion that Washington, D.C.–based organizations seeking political influence are short-sighted (commonly referred to as the “beltway syndrome”) in their communications efforts and messaging is often used to describe the way think tanks operate. Despite the considerable amount of resources invested by those institutions in communications over the last few years, the use of professional […]

Lost in Translation: Overcoming the Communications Challenges of Non-native English Speakers

In today’s globalized world, being able to publish English content has become a basic requirement for non-English speakers seeking to expand their exposure or advance their career. However, communicating technical material in English when it is not the author’s mother tongue can pose serious challenges. This post takes a closer look at two of those […]

Participating in an International Event? Partner with us for specialized translations!

Whether your organization is attending an international event or hosting one, knowledge of technical terms is critical to communicate your message. While glossaries such as the ones listed below can assist with producing communication material, our team of language professionals can ensure the accuracy and quality of your message with specialized translation and copy editing […]

Buying Translation: Why Comparing Prices Is Not Enough

If you have looked for translation services recently, you have probably contacted a few different language services providers and chosen the one who seemed to offer the best value for the price. Odds are you were working under a strict deadline and did not have much time to do more than compare quotes which consisted […]